Lil’ Crunchy.

About 2 years ago, I started on a mission. A mission to make things in my life greener. Some would even say it’s “crunchy” or “granola”. I prefer “crunchy” but “lil crunchy” because I’m not completely there, yet.

It started with reading an article about how candles were essentially poison. They (being normal candles that you can get anywhere), evidently, release toxic ashes and soot into the air, polluting your home and causing you to die a slow death. This was shocking information because I love candles. They make your house smell good, they are mesmerizing to watch. The make some that have fancy wooden wicks and they crackle, which is relaxing!

This information was life changing! Why on earth would I want something in my home that was making my home and my lungs gross? So, I started the process of researching. First, to find out if this article was actually true. Second, to find an alternative. There was some validity to the article and I found the alternative. Wax melts. So, I began to feverishly research wax melts and became obsessed! I realized I couldn’t get just any wax melts, though. I researched and purchased handmade melts with essential oils, flowers, glitter, colored with food safe dye and made from organic, safe waxes. I became obsessed and now have a collection to last a lifetime. (I’m not sure what happened. I got crazy ordering those things. I mean, I have some that are pizza-scented. How you make pizza scent with essential oils, I don’t know. If you want those, holla at me.)

The candle article hit a place in me that set things in motion. Not only have I become the person who only uses soy or beeswax candles, I’m now the person who uses safe sunscreen, green cleaning supplies, and purchases ethically sourced flowers. This kicked off a process that is still rolling. Thanks to an article about candles, I’m now a person who carefully reads labels and looks for things that are ethically sourced, organic, free range, small batch, and “Leaping Bunny Certified”. I don’t use any beauty products that were tested on animals. I don’t buy meat if it’s not grass or grain fed. I use cleaning products that have natural oils in them. I purchased organic bug spray recently because I’m now someone who doesn’t want to get bitten but I don’t want to fend the creepies off with a chemical which could harm the bugs and myself.

I’ve also become the person who would rather treat ailments naturally. Have a headache? I have a handy roller which consists of a blend of oils that may help. I also have a variety of things mixed into coconut oil which is supposed to cure various ailments. I still have ibuprofen but I don’t want to take it if I can help it.

Did I just say that? Yep. I did. How in the world did I get here?

I just wanted to not get the black lung because of candles! I didn’t intend on becoming the one who has specific needs when it comes to the things I allow in my home! I mean, I clean pretty much everything with vinegar and baking soda now. Seriously. I am that person. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Fear is definitely on the list (have I mentioned I’m an anxious person likes research? There is a lot of research and “research” out there, y’all.)

One is reason is health. I want to be a healthy person. I want to make smart choices and I want to keep certain conditions at bay if I can. I don’t have a stellar family history in this area so if buying grass fed beef can helps ward off diseases, I’m for it. If drinking a specific type of tea can help keep my gut healthy which can, possibly, lower my risk for certain types of cancer, BRING IT ON!

Another reason is just trying to take care of what I’ve got. If using things that don’t contain harsh chemicals helps keep things around me a little cleaner, cool! It’s also a bonus if helps protect the environment. I want to have a low carbon footprint. I don’t want the ice caps to melt away or cause damage to the Ozone layer. So, if the stuff I use to clean with somehow prevents that, yes, please! It’s a strange line of thought, I know. However, shouldn’t we strive to take the best care of ourselves and our surroundings? Isn’t that kind of part of the point?

I realized today that a lot has changed in the last 2 years when it comes to the things I buy. Yes, buying things that are green, clean, organic, free-range, and ethically sourced are a little more pricey. Yes, sometimes I have to go to specific stores because the usual big box stores don’t have what I’m looking for. Yes, it would be easier to just not care so much or try so hard.

I’m committed now. I am the one that’s a little crunchy. I’ve made switches in life that I never would have considered making. I mean, I use deodorant that’s handmade. HANDMADE DEODORANT. I order it offline! I use a face cleanser that made from almonds, clay, and lavender flowers. I have a shampoo that had bananas in it. This the life I live now. I owe it all to an article about candles.



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