May’s 5 

Wow! May is winding down quickly, so crazy! It’s time for my top 5 for the month. This month is kind of a mixed bag but I think it’s some fun things.

The pool.

Oh gosh, I don’t think I can fully express my love of the pool. It has been a love that I’ve had since I was a little child. Some of my earliest memories involve the pool. The smell of a pool brings all sorts of fun memories and summer rituals to the front of my mind. It’s something I’ve probably said before but the pool is a happy place. Truthfully, any body of water makes me feel better. Even if I’m just looking at it. The pool, though, is something special. Since it’s May, it’s hot already here in NOLA and thankfully the pool on campus opened a little earlier this year. I’ve already been once and I’m planning a lot more visits. I will be covered in sunscreen but I intend on being out there quite a bit. I just love the pool so much! SO MUCH!!

Iced Coffee.

First, coffee is my favorite beverage. I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was a year old. I know that because it’s marked on my baby calendar. It follows a long tradition of giving babies “coffee milk” because the babies see their parents drinking coffee and they, of course, want in. I am a black coffee kind of girl and have been since I was 16. However, in the summer, there’s just something so dang refreshing about a well brewed iced coffee. I will have iced coffee occasionally throughout the year but the heat (and humidity, the air is like a freaking blanket. So warm. So very warm. And heavy.) causes my consumption to increase significantly. I love that it’s been discovered that the best method for iced coffee isn’t traditionally brewing coffee and then icing. No, friends, you must cold brew for iced. Fortunately, there a few spots in New Orleans that do it right. It’s not the national chains either, no sir. Local places, that’s where the iced coffee is best. Also, almond milk, not dairy. The heat. You don’t want that milk in there when you’re out trying to enjoy a nice day by the pool. (That may not be true but it’s something I’ve always heard. “Don’t drink milk during the summer if you’re going to be outside.” Is that just a Southern thing?)

Cold Case Files. 

Yes. Just yes. I (along with my best friend) have a new entertainment addiction. I’ve seen episodes of the show before but recently, we’ve been binge watching them (individually and together). It does weird me out a little because some of the cases used in the show are kind of scary. However, it provides an immense amount of almost mindless entertainment. It’s education in the sense that it makes you realize that DNA analysis of evidence didn’t start until about 1997. That’s only 20 years ago, y’all. The very thing that makes or break cases today wasn’t even available until the late 90’s. THAT IS CRAZY!  The most interesting cases are the ones in which they interview the perpetrators. It’s incredible and sometimes shocking to hear their reasoning for their actions. It’s scary yet satisfying because the cases get solved. It also provides interesting topics for conversations.

The Public Library.

Gosh, yet another place that stands prominently in many summer memories. I love books. Absolutely love them. I love reading. I love the way a book feels in my hands. I love the way they smell. I love looking at covers and reading bios on authors. I just love everything about books, including buying them. Well, when you live in a small apartment and don’t have any amount of room for the layers of bookshelves you wish you could have, you go to the library. It’s great. You get to read the books you want without them taking up precious square footage. You have a plethora of reading material available to you FOR FREE! (Unless you are like me and you get more books than you can read at one time and overlap a little on renews and get fines. But hey, fines aren’t too bad, they help keep the library in business.) My library trips increase in the summer, I’m not exactly sure why. I know as a child it was because the more book I read, the more personal-sized pan pizzas I could get from Pizza Hut. Shout out to you, Book- It program! Also, most libraries have a summer reading program so I participated in those. Not only were there books, there were also crafts. It was my own personal heaven. I still have a deep love for the library and I believe I always will.


Friends, I previously mentioned the blanket of heat and warmth that takes over Louisiana in the summer. It is especially heavy in New Orleans. I don’t know if it has to do with the bowl that this place is or it is below sea level but dang y’all, it get hot. Thankfully, Louisiana (especially New Orleans) has something that helps. Snoballs. First, yes, that’s spelled correctly. Secondly, no, my sweet unknowing friend, it’s not a snow cone. A snoball is fine warm weather treat. Typically served from March to about September (sometimes October because global warming is real and Louisiana is on freaking fire until then) at stands all over the state (and practically on every other street in NOLA). They are a glorious creation of fine, snow-like ice and deliciously flavored syrups. Very often stuffed with ice cream and topped with rich condensed milk or fruit toppings. I love snoballs and I usually want them regularly between March and September. I love trying different flavors but a favorite is Nectar Cream or Pina Colada stuffed and topped with pineapple. Yum! It’s a Louisiana original and now place else can replicate the sweet relief that snoball stand snoball brings.

These are my top 5 for this month which is also the 5th month, weird! I hope you find something you can check out and enjoy! Feel free to share your favorites for this month with me!



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